PALMA Student Works to Close Achievement Gap in Ann Arbor

One of PALMA’s very own students, Pamela Quintana-Salazar, a junior at Community High School, is working to change the world! Pamela is a member of Minority Student Achievement Network, or MSAN, a national coalition working on closing the achievement gap between white students and students of color, and between students of high and low socioeconomic statuses. Pamela, a junior at Community High School, is working on bringing a set of strategies to Ann Arbor schools that will encourage minority students to feel more welcome. Pamela was featured in this news article. Great work, Pamela! We are so proud of you for your activism and energy in creating positive social change!

Pamela Quintana-Salazar

Pamela Quintana-Salazar. Photo credit to Nicole Hester at the Ann Arbor News.

Winter 2015 – Upcoming Dates!

Hola, todos!

Some exciting things:

1. PALMA Picnic this Saturday, December 6, from 4-10pm! Be on the lookout for emails with location, details, and make sure to fill out the carpooling spreadsheet. Contact Monique ( if you have any questions!

2. Last day of PALMA for the semester is this Thursday, December 4.

3. Mass meeting for prospective new tutors for Winter 2015 will be January 13. Returning tutors don’t need to attend this meeting, but if you’re considering joining PALMA for the first time, definitely come!

4. Regular tutorials, for all tutors, will resume January 15.

Woo! So proud & amazed at all of the work you all do. PALMA is such an inspiring space. So lucky to be a part of it.

See you at the picnic. I’ll be the one gorging myself. Can’t wait!


Upcoming Dates, Stuff to Love

Hola todos!

A few important dates to remember:
– November 4th is voting day! Although the AADL is a voting site, PALMA will NOT be affected. Voting will happen in the basement; PALMA happens upstairs. So no worries, PALMA is NOT canceled, and we’ll see you there! (Also, don’t forget to vote!!)

– The PALMA Picnic will be Saturday, December 6th, from around 3 or 4pm until 10pm. There will be a DJ. There will be dancing. There will be high-fives. There will be friendship. Most of all, there will be so much food, you won’t even know what to do with yourself. The PALMA Picnic is always the best part of the year. It’ll be a new location this semester, making it even more exciting! Keep your eyes peeled for an email about carpooling there!

– You all are rockstars. Thanks for doing what you do every week, twice a week. PALMA is creating real change in our students’ lives!

Contact anyone on the eboard for questions!

Fall Break, PALMA Love

Hey tutors!

Just a quick reminder: PALMA meets only when UM classes are in session. That means during UM breaks, we don’t have tutorials! Since we are currently in the middle of our two-day fall break (aka extra-homework-study-time), we won’t have PALMA tomorrow. We’ll be back in session on Thursday!

PALMA has been wonderful this semester! What a great bunch of tutors. So grateful to everyone’s big hearts and big minds!

As always, contact anyone on the eboard for questions.

PALMA love,

Tutorials Begin Thursday

Tutorials are beginning again Thursday, 9/11/14! Meet on the first floor of the Ann Arbor District Library for pairings! Here is a link to a map of where the AADL is.

We are welcoming several new tutors and many returning tutors this semester! It’s going to be one of the best yet. Keep an eye out for photos and more info to come!