Fall 2016 Dates!

Hola Tod@s!

We are looking forward to another semester of PALMA! Please note that our mass meeting will take place on Tuesday, September 13 at the Ann Arbor District Library at 6pm. Anyone interested in becoming a tutor has not previously tutored with us should come to that. If you are a returning tutor, our first tutorial will take place the following Tuesday, September 20th.

Please email contact.palma@umich.edu with any questions!

Nos Vemos!

Resources for Tutors

Planning/Organizational Resources
☆  Phone app: Remember The Milk
☆  Website – visualize your schedule: KanbanFlow

Fun Educational Sites: 
bedtime math
☆  Fun Ways to do Math (Bedtime Math – Daily Math)
☆  Fun Math Games for Tutors (Rachel K Tutoring)
☆  Websites to help with Reading, Science, and Math (Collaborative Summer Library Program)

Spanish/ELL (English Language Learner) Resources
☆  Young Adult Literature in Spanish (check the titles in AADL’s catalog!)
☆  Multilingual/Bilingual Sites for Tutoring Math, Social Studies, & Science
☆  Khan Academy in Spanish (Instructional Videos mostly Math and Science, but the English version provides Humanities videos as well)
☆  Resource for English Language Learners by Grade (Colorín Colorado)
☆  Colorín Colorado: ESL Vocabulary


PALMA’s Resource Initiative is sponsored by the University of Michigan Library.


Important PALMA Dates!

Hola Todos!

It’s nearly time for PALMA start back up again! We hope you are as excited as we are! Here are some important dates and times to take note of:

Thursday, September 10 at 6:00pm we will have a Mass Meeting at the AADL for potential new tutors. If you know anyone who might be interested in becoming a tutor this semester, please feel free to pass along the information.

Tuesday, September 15 at from 6-7:30pm will be our first Tutorial! We will spend about the first hour sharing some important information with you and then assign Tutor/Tutee pairs. After that, you’ll be free to meet with your student or your tutor for the rest of the time!

If you have any questions or concerns at all, please don’t hesitate to send us an email at contact.palma@umich.edu.

We can’t wait to see you all on Tuesday!

Cool New PALMA Class!

Hola todos! Today is our last PALMA tutorial of the semester, and tomorrow is the PALMA Picnic. Make sure you sign up on Natalie’s spreadsheet (which has been sent over email) for the carpool to the picnic, which starts at 5:30 and goes till around 10pm. (If you don’t receive the emails, contact Josey at sjbeird@umich.edu!)

In other exciting news, Cristhian has designed an awesome new minicourse about PALMA, as a response to our evaluation meeting. In Cristhian’s words:

The main goal of this mini-course is to provide an academic space for discussion, learning and reflection on your experience as a tutor for a first generation Latino migrant. There are many specific situations that can affect your work and the mini-course will provide the space to articulate your concerns and obtain feedback from faculty and peers. At the same time, you will be able to collect and produce important information that can lead to research projects, grants, etc. Here is a short description of the class:

RCIDVI 350-002. Engaging in the Latino community: An opportunity for Experiential Learning in Ann Arbor.

This course is directed to all students interested in developing a closer connection with the Latino community through service learning. The course is based on the work of PALMA a University of Michigan student organization that provides tutoring assistance to the Latino community. Students will review material describing the specific characteristic of the Latino community including its migration history, challenges and current problems faced by its members. In addition, students will acquire pedagogical training to be able to work as tutors. The theoretical part of the mini course will be covered during the first seven weeks of the term and the experiential part will last the entire term (15 weeks).

Discussion: Monday 3-4pm EQ 1512

Tutorials: TuesdayThursday 6-7:30

Contact Cristhian at ccespino@umich.edu for details!

PALMA Student Works to Close Achievement Gap in Ann Arbor

One of PALMA’s very own students, Pamela Quintana-Salazar, a junior at Community High School, is working to change the world! Pamela is a member of Minority Student Achievement Network, or MSAN, a national coalition working on closing the achievement gap between white students and students of color, and between students of high and low socioeconomic statuses. Pamela, a junior at Community High School, is working on bringing a set of strategies to Ann Arbor schools that will encourage minority students to feel more welcome. Pamela was featured in this news article. Great work, Pamela! We are so proud of you for your activism and energy in creating positive social change!

Pamela Quintana-Salazar

Pamela Quintana-Salazar. Photo credit to Nicole Hester at the Ann Arbor News.